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The phrase "Serendipity," which refers to the chance finding of beauty, was inspired by the name "Serendip," which was given by seafaring Greeks to the island of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. Even today, 2000 years later, Sri Lanka continues to provide travelers with serendipity—a unique mix of pleasant surprises. Sri Lanka is an unrivaled tourist destination in the Orient thanks to its breathtaking scenery, unspoiled golden beaches, wealth of marine and terrestrial species, historical temples, enormous monuments, distinctive culture, and magnificent pageantry.

Due to the short travel distances required to enjoy all of Sri Lanka's attractions, traveling there is more enjoyable. From sunny beaches to healthful hills, or from a tropical wildlife park to the chilly climate of Adam's Peak, it takes a visitor five hours to travel by vehicle. The friendly friendliness of Sri Lankans enhances and enriches the country's accidental beauty. Since the beginning of time, Sri Lankans have welcomed guests from all over the world with true grins and friendly personalities.Sri Lanka depicts what the Orient brought to the globe at the beginning of the Christian period, including the development of civilization, the emergence of all major religions, the beginning of linkages between business and politics, and the refinement of arts ranging from architecture to music.

While the successor rulers of Sri Lanka sent envoys to Rome, Persia, China, and Egypt, Fa Hsien, Marco Polo, In Battuta, and Brt Knox were among those who visited Sri Lari. The descriptions they left of the island are remarkable. Eighty-two (di), hi sumes from Taprobana to Seylan and Dharmadvipa attest to the swarms of travelers that Sri Lanka has historically drawn.

The Portuguese, Dutch, and British, three European maritime empires who plied the Indian Ocean beginning in the 15th century, left enduring imprints on the island.
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