What is the Best Way to Travel to Sri Lanka with a Family?

Family holidays can be tricky because you need to include activities that interest everyone, which is why it’s important to pick a good destination. A beautiful island like Sri Lanka has plenty of fun activities, and there are Sri Lanka family holiday packages which are specially created with families in mind.

Because Sri Lanka is a popular family-friendly destination, you can choose everything from group tours in Sri Lanka for family with children to more intimate holidays just for your family.

Here Are A Few Things To Consider When Planning Your Family Trip To Sri Lanka

  1. Selecting The Right Family Holiday Package
  2. It’s always best to choose a family-friendly package or ensure that your travel agent is aware that you are travelling with children so that they can factor this in when making suggestions and helping you plan your holiday. If you prefer a more intimate vacation and have several activities in mind, you can choose Sri Lanka family tour packages that can be customised to suit your interests.

  3. The Ideal Time To Visit Sri Lanka
  4. Sri Lanka is an all-year destination, although many people love to visit Sri Lanka for its sunny beaches, in which case it’s best to visit the island from January till around June when it’s less rainy. August is also a good month to travel because it’s kite-flying season in Sri Lanka, there’s often plenty of dry, windy weather, and it is the longest school holiday in Sri Lanka so you are likely to meet Sri Lankan families on holiday at tourist destinations and resorts, and your children can make some Sri Lankan friends!

  5. Choosing The Right Activities
  6. Most Sri Lanka family ours include a range of activities to choose from. Sri Lanka has tropical sandy beaches, wildlife parks and a picturesque hill country along with plenty of wildlife and sites from the 7 ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka and the colonial period in Sri Lanka where the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British ruled the island. This means that there’s plenty to choose from – you can have a holiday that takes you to all the best historical sites with a little bit of beach time or the wildlife adventure of a lifetime complete with eco-friendly hotels that blend in with the surrounding nature. Whatever you choose, it’s best to check with your travel agent or check online what the best time to visit would be – for the beach you want to avoid the rainy season which falls on the latter months of Sri Lanka, while the best time to visit the Sinharaja rainforest or Sigiriya rock would be completely different.

  7. The Best Destinations To Visit
  8. Now that you know what Sri Lanka has to offer, you can pick the best destinations to visit. Perhaps a discussion with the whole family on the best places to visit would help you decide the places (and time) you want to visit Sri Lanka. You can always google images of Sri Lanka’s tourist attractions to get an idea of what’s best for you, and there are plenty of comments left by tourists which will come in helpful.

  9. Cultural Experiences
  10. Most people would not want to visit Sri Lanka and not experience at least some of the island’s unique culture. The island is known for its rich, spicy food, but if your children are picky eaters, there are plenty of options to choose from.

A land like no other which was named Lonely Planet’s number one travel destination in the world, Sri Lanka is a land full of beautiful views, friendly people and a range of cultural experiences and pristine landscapes. For your next trip with your significant other, you might like to select a tour package to Sri Lanka from Apple Vacations. A well-known name in the travel industry, they focus on delivering high-quality travel products and excellent customer service which has been integral in making them one of the most sought-after travel agencies in Asia. Whichever option you choose, you can’t go wrong with family holidays in Sri Lanka which are carefully curated for the enjoyment of your whole family.