Ultimate Guide for a Safari and Beach Holiday in Sri Lanka

Known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean,” Sri Lanka is a destination which has everything from pristine wildlife to some of the worlds most stunning beaches. If you’re looking for a relaxing island vacation you can get a beach tour of Sri Lanka to travel across the coastline of Sri Lanka.

While the beaches of Sri Lanka are one of the island’s most famed features, the biodiversity of Sri Lanka is another thing that this small Asian nation is known for. With a surprisingly vast range of thriving wildlife for a relatively small island, what makes Sri Lanka tour and beach holidays so sought after is exactly this bounty of diverse natural resources.

A tropical paradise with thriving wildlife that includes endemic species, a coastline across the island, hill country in the middle and varying climates in between from a wet zone to a dry zone, Sri Lanka has it all. This means that Sri Lanka safari and beach holidays are the perfect way to experience it all.

Here are a few things to remember when planning your tour of Sri Lanka.

  • Sri Lanka’s Weather
  • Sri Lanka has a monsoon season and it is best to factor this in when making your travel plans to avoid heavy winds and rain during your planned treks across the island, so you might want to consider checking that the period you plan to visit Sri Lanka is the best time to visit the island. If you want a beach vacation, Sri Lanka beach tour packages are good but only according to the time of year you choose according to your location.

  • Best Times To Visit Your Favourite Wildlife Spots
  • It’s a good idea to remember that apart from the weather, you also need to factor in the times when you can visit your favourite destinations. Yala National Park, for example, is closed for several months every year. Remember, a tour from Mirissa to Udawalawe would work during a different time than a tour of Kumana or another national park.

  • How To Stay Safe
  • The best rule of thumb is to do your research, ask the locals for advice and follow a few basic guidelines to avoid getting attacked by wildlife or risking any other injuries. Sri Lankans are very friendly so you can always ask the locals if you’re unsure of anything.

    Here Are 3 Of Sri Lanka’s Most Famed Beaches

    There’s a reason why Sri Lanka beach tour packages always seem to recommend Mirissa, and that reason is that this beach is one of the best examples of Sri Lanka’s pristine beaches. This beach is famed for its calm waters which offer you a great chance to take part in some water sports, and you can enjoy a calming day on its golden sands.

    Another beach that’s famed for its golden sands, Unawatuna is also known for its nightlife which is a blend of tourist hotspots and local flavour. Unawatuna is also a great place for a dip in the ocean or you can go snorkelling or diving there. Because it’s extremely popular with tourists, there are plenty of day trips from Unawatuna.

    If you want to enjoy a nice boat trip along the river or a good Ayurvedic massage, this is the beach for you. Bentota also has some of the best hotels on the island as well as plenty of tourist-friendly restaurants which offer you a taste of local cuisine so

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