Best Things to do in Galle, Sri Lanka – Tourist Attractions

One of the most famous places to visit in Sri Lanka is Galle. There are many interesting and unique attractions that provide lasting memories and experiences. It is one of 25 districts in Sri Lanka and is situated in the southwest of the country. It extends from Bentota, which is the most northerly part of the district, all the way to Ahangama in the south, which is known for its beautiful surfing spots. Read on to find out what you can enjoy while on a holiday to Galle, Sri Lanka.

Galle Dutch Fort

One of the five historical sites that visitors to Sri Lanka must see is the Galle Fort, which is situated on the nation’s southern coast. Although it is more famously known as the Galle Dutch Fort, It was initially constructed by the Portuguese and was later modified by the Dutch. In addition to being a magnificent example of architecture, archaeology, and history set in a gorgeous tropical setting, the Galle Fort is currently recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Galle Lighthouse

inside Galle Fort is the coastal lighthouse known as the Galle Fort Lighthouse, which is among the oldest in Sri Lanka. It was first constructed in 1848 and is one of the fort’s most popular attractions because of its lovely surroundings, which are ideal for a leisurely stroll or an Instagram-worthy picture. Tourists are not permitted to ascend the lighthouse’s summit, but it is a magnificent place to visit.

Jungle Beach

Jungle Beach at Unawatuna is one of the less well-known but equally beautiful spots. It is located between Unawatuna and Galle. While getting to the beach is not as simple as it is at other beaches in the city, you can still get there by walking or by taking a boat ride, which will be an entirely new experience for you. At Jungle Beach, you can find opportunities for snorkelling and diving. You can also visit the Rumassala Sanctuary, which is rich in many different species of rare plants, medicinal herbs, and exotic birds. The sanctuary also holds mythological significance as the location where the rescue of Princess Sita by Lord Ram took place.

National Maritime Museum, Galle

Located above the Galle Fort Old Gate in a Dutch warehouse constructed in 1671, the National Maritime Archaeology Museum is recognised by UNESCO. The museum introduces Sri Lanka’s history of navigation, marine life, and anthropology, with 3,600 archaeological exhibits.

Seafaring, maritime trade, life-size dioramas of traditional fishing, natural coral beds, deep sea fish, and scaled-down whale models are among the exhibits. The final exhibit at the museum portrays the methods used to combat sea pollution.

Things to Do in Galle, Sri Lanka

While in Galle, there are plenty of things to do in addition to seeing important places of interest. To enjoy whale watching in Galle, visit the nearby town of Mirissa, which is well-known for its aquatic life. You can schedule a trip with a reputable and licenced operator to witness the magnificent Bryde’s whales, spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, blue whales, and more.

Bentota, Balapatiya, Hikkaduwa, Thalpe, and Ahangama are a few of the district’s top beaches. When it comes to leisurely things to do in Galle, these locations are unquestionably the best.

Bentota, famous for its surfing and other water sports, is a reasonably safe beach. Balapaitya offers unspoiled beaches that are less frequented and offer the perfect paradise retreat.

With its section where one can snorkel with turtles, Hikkaduwa is a well-liked surfing beach with waves of respectable size. There are many cafés and restaurants set back from the beach.

Go towards Wijaya Beach, which is slightly further south, instead of the well-known Unawatuna Beach. It is entirely shielded from the surf and features a beautiful lagoon. The lagoon’s water is pristine and home to enormous turtles. It is worth going early to the beach to enjoy it in peace because it gets pretty busy during peak season.

How to Get There and Tips for the Best Holiday in Galle, Sri Lanka

Getting to Galle from Colombo is relatively easy. There are a multitude of cheap, comfortable, and easily accessible transport options, including the bus, train, or private vehicle, that you can get for hire. The Southern Expressway of Sri Lanka has made it possible to reach Galle in a short time. The train journey is recommended as it follows the coastline, and you can enjoy views that will take your breath away.

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