Best Things to Do During a 4-Day Tour to Sri Lanka

Would you like a whirlwind adventure to the captivating island of Sri Lanka? To experience the best of the island, you don’t need weeks – just 4 days would do. With a 4-day tour to Sri Lanka, you’ll have ample opportunity to experience Sri Lanka’s rich culture, diverse landscapes and warm hospitality. Most travel companies offer tours to Sri Lanka for a 4-night 5-day stay with plenty of different options to choose from.

Here are some of the best things to do during your 4-day tour of Sri Lanka.

  1. Visit Colombo
  2. The commercial heart of the country, Colombo is a large, ancient seaside city with a unique blend of the old and new – you can get everything from a traditional Ayurvedic massage to the latest in fashion (one of Sri Lanka’s top exports is garments) in Colombo. A former British colony, there are plenty of people who speak English fluently in Colombo, and most vendors and city dwellers have a basic grasp of the language. You can also visit certain parts of the city such as Colombo Fort to see colonial British architecture.

  3. Visit Renowned Sites
  4. With several UNESCO World Heritage sites situated in Sri Lanka, there are many incredible sites to see. Sri Lanka has a long prehistory with ancient Kings, and a colonial history under 3 colonising nations – Portugal, the Netherlands and Britain. All of this has led to some of the most incredible sites, from the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya to a castle built by a Sri Lankan aristocrat (Richmond Castle). Sri Lanka is also rich in biodiversity with beaches surrounding the island, a hillside in the middle of the country and an arid zone in the north-central part of the island.

  5. Go On A Safari
  6. One of the most famous places to visit in Sri Lanka if you’re a wildlife enthusiast is Yala, which is a one-day safari. There are several other parks across the island as well such as Wilpattu National Park, all of which feature some of Sri Lanka’s rich biodiversity such as leopards, elephants and flora which includes several endemic trees and plants. Book a vacation to Sri Lanka for a 3-night and 4-day tour and experience your own wildlife adventure.

  7. Chill By The Beach
  8. From Bentota to Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka has plenty of breathtaking beaches which are best enjoyed in the right season. Sri Lanka has two monsoon seasons – the Northeast and Southwest monsoons; as the name suggests, they affect the Northeast and Southwest parts of the island with strong winds entering the island directly from those areas before extending across the island.

  9. Consider Extending Your Stay
  10. While you can enjoy the best of the island through a 4-day Sri Lanka tour package, a 5-day tour package of Sri Lanka might be a good option to consider if any part of your tour seems inviting and you want to explore more than your existing package allows you. Since most of Sri Lanka is less than a day’s drive or train ride away from the country, you might want to squeeze in a few extra hours of fun before you arrive on time to board your flight.

A land like no other which was named Lonely Planet’s number one travel destination in the world, Sri Lanka is a land full of beautiful views, friendly people and a range of cultural experiences and pristine landscapes. For your next 4 or 5-day trip, you might like to select a tour package to Sri Lanka from Apple Vacations. A well-known name in the travel industry, they focus on delivering high-quality travel products and excellent customer service, which has been integral in making them one of the most sought-after travel agencies in Asia.