Best Season to Surf in South Sri Lanka

There is good news for all surfing enthusiasts who are reluctant to forego their favourite pastime as the cold and frigid autumn and winter weather approaches. Sri Lanka is a tropical island with all year round excellent surfing conditions. The autumn and winter months perfectly coincide with the height of the surfing season in the south of Sri Lanka. Whether you are already an avid surfer or a beginner looking for a great place to start, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Let’s find out more about enjoying a surf holiday in Sri Lanka.

The Best Season to Enjoy a Surfing Holiday in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. Because of its diverse landscapes and variety of experiences, it has been recognised as a top travel destination. Surfing in Sri Lanka is popular because the waves along the coast provide varying levels of difficulty for surfers of all skill levels. The most popular surfing spots can be found in the south, east, and northeast of Sri Lanka.

The best season for surfing in the south of Sri Lanka is during the northeast monsoon, when the weather is more favourable. The strong winds and rains affect the northeastern regions of the island, while the south and southwest enjoy calm and pleasant weather with excellent surfing conditions. The northeast monsoon is usually in effect from October to March, which directly coincides with the autumn and winter seasons.

The Finest Surfing Locations in the South of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tourist-friendly destination, and there are many hotels and clubs that offer facilities and opportunities for surfing. Here are some of the best spots to enjoy surfing when you visit Sri Lanka.


Weligama is an excellent surfing location, particularly for beginners and longboarders. Along the beach, there are numerous surf schools, surf camps, and places to rent boards. Additionally, for more experienced surfers, there are some reef breaks close by, namely Jungle Beach, Rams Right, and Coconut Point. Weligama has a friendly and laid-back vibe, with plenty of cafés, restaurants, and bars to visit at leisure.


This is a picturesque bay with a sandy beach and a reef break. The waves are more powerful and hollow than at Weligama, making it a better choice for intermediate and advanced surfers. Mirissa is also famed for its lively nightlife, with plentiful bars and parties on the beach.


Midigama is the quintessential surfing village, with several breaks to choose from. Lazy Left and Lazy Right are gentle point breaks ideal for longboarding and cruising. Surfers with experience can find barrels and airs at Rams Right, a shallow and swift reef break. The Rock is a difficult right-hand point break that can take on large swells.


Last but definitely not least, the quiet and laid-back town of Ahangama is home to the best surf camp in the south of Sri Lanka. With daily surfing lessons, yoga sessions, delicious meals, and lodging close to Kabalana Beach in Ahangama, Lapoint Surf Camp provides guests with an exclusive experience. The beach break at Kabalana has a consistent A-frame wave that works for all levels.

Tips for Travelling to Sri Lanka for a Surfing Adventure

Here are a few things to remember when travelling to Sri Lanka.

Pack Light and Smart

The water is warm in Sri Lanka, so you don’t need a wetsuit. You can also rent or buy a board from the local shops or surf camps.

Be Respectful and Friendly

Sri Lanka is a friendly and hospitable country, but there are rules and customs that you should respect. For example, you should dress modestly when visiting religious sites and avoid public displays of affection.

Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

Sri Lanka has something for every budget, from cost-effective guest houses and hostels to luxury hotels and villas. You can contact Apple Vacations for tailor-made holidays, and they will take care of all your logistical needs.

Most importantly, have a great time and enjoy yourself on this tropical paradise island.